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Cleanup Events

"First Sunday"
August 7th
Litter Cleanup

Where:  Purple Heart Park, Downtown Dunedin

When:  Sunday.  August 7th.  9AM-12PM.

What:  Volunteer litter cleanup & recycling.

Who:  Anyone who wants to help is invited along with Waste Limited and Keep Pinellas Beautiful.  With the help of the City of Dunedin.

Why:  Purple Heart Park is on the edge of Downtown Dunedin and will offer us access to long stretches of the water and most of the downtown.  From here we should be able to clear the downtown area of large litter in our allotted time and make a big dent in the small litter (cigarette butts).

Cleanup supplies, safety supplies and water will be provided to volunteers.


Free "tickets" are available through Eventbrite.  This system allows us to have an idea of the amount of supplies we need to bring and allows volunteers to get reminders and directions right before the cleanup.

Updates for each month's event will be on our blog and social media pages.  Especially in the summer, check the weather and make sure you have sun / heat appropriate clothing before leaving home.

Online RSVP through Eventbrite (Optional but, please?)

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