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Postponed: October "First Sunday" Cleanup

Waste Limited's October cleanup, originally scheduled for tomorrow, October 2nd has been rescheduled for Sunday October 9th. The location and time are still the same, 9AM-12PM at 600 Main St in Downtown Dunedin. We're taking the extra week so that everyone can catch up after Hurricane Ian, although we are aware and thankful that our area was spared from serious damage. Please take extra time this weekend to firm up your own emergency plans. There are still two months left in the Atlantic hurricane season and it is possible that we could have to prepare for and or evacuate from another storm this year. Please also offer to help any neighbors clean up their yard. Buy nonperishable supplies now, and not in the three days before a storm arrives. As you've now seen, people quickly panic buy everything off the shelves when a major storm is forecast. Flashlights, batteries, first aid kits, long shelf life food, high viz clothing, weather radios are all things you can easily track down right now. If water is kept out of sunlight, you can easily keep it for the rest of the season and use it after. Buy water now and store it somewhere dark.

Gas is the one thing it's impractical to store a real quantity of, so here's a tip: Everyday before the storm, when stations were "sold out" or had lines during the day, gas was easily accessible at night. If you have the ability to go out at 2-3AM, that's often right after gas has been delivered, but even at midnight there aren't lines at gas stations. It's crazy to take the risk of wrecking your car right before a major storm by parking on a major road during the day in a line for gas. As a general rule in the summer, fill up before you get near empty. And any time of year, if you can absolutely pay for it, fill the tank anytime you get gas. Going to the store four times for the same product under the logic that it's cheaper is not logic at all; it's foolishness.

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