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Waste Limited Headquarters!

Through a combination of luck, hard work and community generosity, we've been able to lease an office space much sooner than expected. Not only that, because the landlord were so flexible with us, the space we're leasing is priced between 1/3 and 1/2 of the market rate. Even the neighboring businesses have been quick to support us, when all the supplies aren't even in the door yet. Speaking of supplies, most of our office furniture was donated by Alan Powell PA, The Suncoast Hospice and the rest was provided by the directors. Not a thing was purchased new for the office by Waste Limited. Even the computers are donated former Windows computers that were reformatted to a secure version of Linux by one of the directors. One of the reasons we got the office so inexpensively was that the floor needs some work. Most of it is grunt work, simply chipping away the old coating. The directors with the relevant experience are doing that work themselves. In less than a week in the door, the floors are almost bare and ready for something new. Then we'll work with a local contractor to have a functional flooring option donated. The new office is at 2209 N Hercules Avenue in Clearwater Florida. At the moment, the hours that someone may be there are odd. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sundays, and evenings are your best bet. Being an all volunteer organization, it's hard to stress enough that our schedule is "all the time we have available". This space will serve as a meeting point for litter collection events, with safe parking for volunteers. It is more than enough room for the actual office needs of the charity. There's also room for bulk storage, allowing us to start to take larger donations of reusable items from the community. We think we can use this space so efficiently that there will no problem acting as an office, a workshop, and a storage shed. This space will help each aspect of Waste Limited's mission grow exponentially. Stay tuned to see what we're up to next and if you want to help, contact us today!

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