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Waste Limited, now on Amazon!

Amazon Smile is a program that lets shoppers pick a charity, and then for each purchase, Amazon makes a donation to that charity. After you select a charity the process is no different than normally ordering on Amazon. Your Amazon orders cost no more than they usually would, but a donation is made to your designated charity. The signup process is simple. Just go to and select "Waste Limited" as your designated charity. Even easier, a direct link to pick us is below.

Another way to help Waste Limited on Amazon is through our charity wish list. We have a list of items that we could use on cleanups, for research, or at our office and you can order any of them to be delivered directly to us. This counts as an in kind donation, the same as if you handed them to us directly. This is a good program for people who have extra credit or gift cards on Amazon, or for people that want to specify exactly where their donation is going.

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