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We have found several locations that are under served by publicly available places to throw garbage.  A few locations stood out as being most uniquely littered by cigarette butts and so we're attempting to deploy some cigarette bins.  We will regularly empty them and note how frequently they're used.  We will continue cleanups in the surrounding area and attempt to determine the effect of the bins on cigarette litter in their immediate area.

Eutrophication  /
Red Tide


Waste Limited has designed a water filter designed to address eutrophication.  We've been progressively testing a prototype since the summer of 2021.  We're now seeking outdoor space to construct a larger model of the filter.

The Pinellas Trail

The Pinellas Trail is a gem for biking, skating, and running enthusiasts in Pinellas County by day.  Closed by night, the trail becomes a highway for transients and juvenile delinquents.  The result is that certain sections are heavily littered each day.  In total the trail requires professional cleanup by several organizations and the increased use of the trail has existing resources strained.  We are analyzing which parts of the trail are littered the quickest and what they are being littered with to determine the source.  It is clear from the waste located in some areas that people are living in camps immediately off of the trail.  We're conducting regular cleanups on some of the most badly littered spots on the Northern half of the trail.

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