The Pinellas Trail

The Pinellas Trail is a gem for biking, skating and running enthusiasts in Pinellas County by day.  Closed by night, the trail becomes a highway for transients and juvenile delinquents.  The result is that is that certain sections are heavily littered each day.  In total the trail requires professional cleanup by several organizations and the increased use of the trail has existing resources strained.  We are analyzing which parts of the trail are littered the quickest and what they are being littered with to determine the source.  It is clear from the waste located in some areas that people are living in camps immediately off of the trail.  Our plan is to utilize electric wheelchairs, since they are the only vehicle allowed on the trail, to collect trash in highly littered areas.  Each chair that is not actually being used by a disabled operator will be stripped of some of it's seating and fitted with an even larger bag attached to the rear.  Initial results show this method can collect more than 70 gallons per hour of trash from heavily contaminated parts of the trail.

Clearwater Beach

     Clearwater Beach consistently ranks among the best beaches in Florida and the country.  With traffic anywhere comes litter.  Clearwater Beach in the last 10 years has seen an incredible amount of construction, from new hotels to stores and restaurants.  This means more people walking around with disposable food containers that are far from guaranteed to end up in the right place.  A clean Clearwater beach requires a multi prong solution.  First, public trash cans need to be available absolutely everywhere.  From any can, a person should be able to see at least two others.  Next, the entire beach needs to be swept regularly by litter cleanup crews and volunteers.  Litter attracts litter and by the same token, a clean area, with a public trashcan a few feet away is unlikely to be littered.  Finally, governments need to cooperate by allowing nonprofits to place and service public trash cans.  They also need to heavily increase the penalties for littering and public dumping along with ensuring those fines contain incentives for the local police to enforce them.

     Our Crews are identifying areas of the worst litter on Clearwater Beach and designing cleanup programs and routes to be run as often as daily.  Testing static collection prototype near Clearwater Pass.